September- It really is a very busy month!

Royal Geographical Society. I am showing my project to recreate the lost giants on Plymouth Hoe citade aerial viewin the “Faerie Land” exhibition celebrating the revival of the “Poly-Olbion”, Richard Drayton’s 17th century epic poem. A Vision of Britain, at the Royal Geographical Society. London . 11th Sept to 1st October, and at the Forum. Exeter. 7th October to 20th November. The exhibition is organised by Flash of Splendour arts and Exeter university.

Studio Sales. I am having a studio sale/on-line auction, hosted by Grand Auctions Girl with towel2of Folkestone at 11 am on Monday 14th September.
Viewing is being held at their saleroom from Friday 11th September. On sale is a large and diverse collection of 130 lots from many periods at incredibly reasonable prices. Needs must, as  large-scale and exciting projects are under way, but … the artist does not get paid until the end!

Off to Paris on 12th September to see Finch and co’s. showing their “Incredible Cabinet of Curiosities” at Le Parcours Des Mondes, Galerie Séverin Maly, Saint-Germain des Prés, Paris. We are showing together next June at gallery 8, Duke Street St James’s, London.

Creating figurines of Celtic Goddesses commissioned for the forthcoming “Celts: art and identity” exhibition at the British Museum opening on 24th September.

William Blake Society in London on 26th September, where I will deliver a talk on being a “visionary” artist. To compare parallel paths is supreme arrogance but we both were commercial slaves to the copperplate before breaking free to go our own ways in later life. I was delighted to see the copperplate of the “Field of the Cloth of Gold” I had lovingly restored some 30 years ago shown at the recent Blake exhibition “Apprentice and Master” at the Ashmolean  Museum of Art, Oxford.

Creating new work for the Chelsea Arts Club’s “Music and Dance”Quangle wangle show opening on 29th September, which is principally themed on Edward Lear’s “Nonsense Songs”. I illustrated “A Musical Interlude with Mr Edward Lear” years ago with Spike Milligan and Co, available on this website shortly.

Designing a giant chalk cut landmark for Thurrock ThurrockNature Reserve adjacent to and echoing the circular shape of their extraordinary visitor centre.

Decorating Nicola’s “Big Top Touring Sweet Shop” with completely mad circus themed imagery. An antique Bedford ex ice cream van which has been stuck on my driveway for months.Nicolas van2

…………….and last but not least, trying to get this website complete and in order.

October will be resting up in Istanbul, Timbuktu……. or somewhere!istamboul 1