The Plymouth Giants

citadel 9 web image


The concept envisaged by Charles Newington, is to create a new colossal iconic image for the City of Plymouth.

It re-imagines the lost figures of the British giant Gogmagog and the Trojan Corineus, locked in mortal combat, etched for all time into the escarpment slope beneath the Citadel walls.

The image regain its rightful place together with the thirty plus existing major giant hill figures created over the last two millennia.

A landmark artwork directly descended from the ancient heritage of this unique British art form.

A story from the earliest history of Plymouth adding to the city’s cultural heritage alongside its fame as a great naval port, the tale of Francis Drake, the Pilgrim Fathers and the Mayflower.

Rooted in time and place, this image will become an internationally recognised symbol for Plymouth.