Bhagavad Gita

I illustrated this most sacred text in the Hindu scriptures for my old friend Ranchor Prime, a scholar and authority on the subject, who had written new commentaries to accompany the text. The book, published by the Fitzrovia Press in 2011, contains the essential images in simple line. A series of more explosive , large and colourful images were turned into a dazzling light show backdrop to Ranchor’s performance / lectures on the Gita. It was first presented at The Folkestone Literary Festival in the Quarterhouse Theatre in 2012, and continues to be shown at his lectures now.

I went to India that year on a mission to make images to highlight the cause to try and halt the destruction of what remained of the sacred forest of Krishna at his birthplace in Vrindavan. I made some drawings there, became very ill with what turned out to be malaria, and that was that. It was too late anyway!