Charles Newington. Well known in Kent for his giant White Horse Hill Figure above the Channel Tunnel entrance. His work has been shown and published worldwide since his first solo show at the Newburgh Street Gallery in London in 1989.

He studied at the Byam Shaw, Camberwell and the Central Schools of Art, going on to teach there and at many other art schools in England, specialising in etching. He ran the etching studio of Editions Alecto in the 1970’s working with many well known contemporary artists, in particular, Patrick Procktor who taught him how to use water colour in Venice.


This led to journeys all over the world finding new trails of inspiration for many diverse series of works…Kasbahs in North Africa, The Carnival In Venice, Chateaux in France, Buddhas in Thailand, The Maya Trail in Mexico, The ‘Beasts’ series from the Palaeolithic painted caves in the Dordogne, and India, a second home.

His career has taken him down many different paths, founding Alecto Historical editions, restoring and printing from copper plates for the Tate Gallery and the Society of Antiquaries, creating artwork for rock bands including Led Zepellin, E.L.P and The Kinks, illustrating for Spike Milligan, and the Bhagavad Gita, published by the Fitzrovia Press in 2010.

Recent shows have been of paintings from St John’s Book of Revelation, Khajuraho ‘The Temples of Love’ and the ‘Sea Odyssey’ series.

He is currently working on a series of work inspired by a recent trip to Cuba.

Plans for some more large scale ‘Hill Figures’ and sculptures are on the drawing board.